This public offer is an official contract and is applicable regardless of position.
The contract is considered concluded from the moment the client donates funds on the site.
1. General Provisions
The following text is an agreement between the game servers located at (hereinafter referred to as the “Resource”), and an individual registered on the Resource as a user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).
The contract is public according to Article of the Civil Code of the Slovak Republic and is equivalent to an "oral agreement" and has proper legal force.
In accordance with Article of the Civil Code of the Slovak Republic, the complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the public contract is the fact of the User making a donation payment to the Resource.
By using the Resource, the User expresses agreement with this License Agreement and undertakes to adhere to the Rules of using the Resource.
All monetary funds accepted from the User in favor of the Resource are voluntary donations and are not subject to refund. Donations of monetary funds and purchases in the store are solely the voluntary desire of the client.
The resource is not responsible for problems with the transfer of funds associated with other sites, payment systems, as well as problems arising from and/or through the fault of the user or third parties.
All services available on the Resource are a reward for free assistance to the Resource.
All services are tied to the User’s unique identifier (SteamID in any form) and are not subject to: further transfer from an account to another account, exchange between players, change, return, transfer to another server.
If the Resource/game server is closed or transferred to another owner, all available services are canceled.
If the User violates the current rules, the Resource reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the User.
The resource cannot guarantee the continuation of active services in the event of force majeure.
Disputes and claims between the User and other participants of the Resource (including the Resource itself) are resolved by the Resource if the disputed issue falls within its competence. In the event of impossibility of resolution within the Resource, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.
The Resource Store is only an in-game system and relates to the rules of the project.
In case of loss of the User's account, receipt of a VAC ban, or transfer of the User's account to third parties, the Resource is not responsible for services and does not refund goods or donated funds.
The Resource has the full right to deprive the User of purchased goods if the User shows disrespect to the Resource, violates the rules, and ignores warnings.
The user undertakes to comply with the presented offer agreement when donating funds to replenish the balance in his personal account.
2. Personal Information. General provisions
By registering on this Resource, the User officially agrees to the storage and processing by the Resource of his personal data, both transferred during the registration process and posted in the process of further use of the Resource.
The Resource ensures the confidentiality of the User's personal data in compliance with applicable data protection regulations, including the principles outlined in Article 9 of the law governing personal data protection in Slovakia.
The user can stop the storage and processing of all his personal data if he wishes by writing a written request to delete his profile.
In the absence of activity for more than 1 calendar year by the User, or in case of receiving any type of block on the Resource and/or on the Steam platform, the Resource reserves the right to permanently delete all User data (Personal statistics, active services, personal account, etc.).
3. Procedure for making changes
This agreement is not final. The resource has the right to change the text of this agreement at its own discretion at any time and without prior notice to the user. The current (current) version of the Agreement is always available on the website.
The User agrees and acknowledges that making changes to the Offer means making these changes to the Agreement already concluded between the Source and the User, and these changes to the Agreement come into force with these changes to the Offer.