Reset HLstats, levels and more

25. November, 2018 Respawn

Hello Games-Town users, recently there have been some changes to the portal, so we’ll show them right now.

Reset HLStatsX

Before the new year and before Christmas, we reset HLstatsX (Rankings, Scores, Statistics)

Reset levels to COD: MW 

On November 25th, reset the levels on COD: MW (Day of Release) so if you want to be among the best on the server, you have a chance again.

Moving to a new hosting

Although the move to another hosting has taken place a long time, but good to announce it.

We have moved the entire portal to new hosting so servers run on 100%

This is what we have to change IP servers, so if you still have poor IP, you have a new IP on the web site or in the newsgroup.

News servers

We have added new servers: Surf Combat, Surf RPG and Minigames
strong>Surf RPG:

Surf Combat:



Recently, in our Games-Town steam group, there was a giveaway of games from Chiko, thank you.
Games-Town Steam Group:

And that’s all, thank you for your presence and we’ll see you again next time!