Edited A-Team + News

13. May, 2018 matolka

Hello Games-Town users, recently there have been some changes to the portal, so we’ll show them right now.

Edited A-Team 

As you may have noticed by headline, so were the A-Team edits on the web. In the “Important Links” section of the Admin Team, you may have noticed the changes, we changed the whole style that we made sections (JB, Retake 1,2,3, COD: MW etc.) where you can already find our steam profiles or if we are online, making it more transparent.


The latest Games-Town news: Teamspeak of the Games-Town portal has been completely redesigned, you can ask to create a room or create a temporary room.

Another innovation is related to the Games-Town forum. This is a new section of “TS3” where you can find “Request for Moderator”, “Ban / Unban Request”, “Moderator Complaints” or “Improvement of our TS3 Server”

The latest news is that COD:MW has reseted levels + Little Giveaway: it’s about who’s going to have the biggest level at the end of the month so he wins the VIP forever on any server.

3V3 Tournament 

In April 28.4. the 3v3 Tournament was played where the prizepool of 30€. This tournament won team “Bagrici” in the list: Largisko, Kexo, Setyy. Congratulations!

This is all, thank you for your attention.